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    Harpaz Gemstone Inc.

    Dear Gem Lover.

    It gives me great pleasure to present the second edition of the Gemstone Buyers Guide intended to give jewelers, designers, retailers and private consumers essential information about the most popular color gemstones used in jewelry.

    Since the release of the first Guide in 2000, many things have changed in the market prompting a second edition in 2013, including information about new gem treatments, new mining deposits around the globe and the use of lesser-known gems that have become more popular in jewelry design today.

    In my nearly 50 years in the trade, I’ve come to realize that many jewelers and consumers interested in gemstones have limited knowledge about the great diversity that exists in color ,variety and price. Inspired by my customers, I compiled this updated guide to give them confidence to trade in color gemstones. Easy to keep handy, the book provides basic information about most of the popular gems for jewelry. Size and weight charts, birthstone and anniversary gem lists and a color alternative index are also included.

    Most of the gem species sold today were unknown until the second half of the 20th century. For example Tsavorite, Tanzanite, Paraiba, Tourmaline and Spessartite. What's so exciting today is the explosive use of color in fashion, which has elevated interest for gem-set jewelry. Technology has allowed us to dig deeper for rough material and uncover new deposits. Cut and set color gemstones in unique ways and enhance the beauty and durability of gems. Never before in the history of gems have we had such an array of colors to choose from, be it by nature or man enhancing and imitating it.

    The more informed you are the more confident you will be to explore the exciting world of color gemstones. I hope the Gemstones Buying Guide serves as an important resource and inspiration to nurture your passion for gemstones!

    Colorfully yours

    Pini Pinchasi

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